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Liam Payne Imagine for fangirlinginpayne aka Jackie

Imagine… You are an artist. Nothing to big,just local shows and such. Your work is displayed at a local gallery along with some other artists’. One day you go to the gallery and plan to paint an abstract there. Some other artists are working there as well. After a while light floods in and you turn to see who has come to the gallery. It was Zayn Malik and Liam Payne. Now you weren’t a big fan or anything but your little niece was absolutely crazy about them, that’s how you knew them. “I don’t know why you’re dragging me into this Malik. I don’t even get artsy stuff.” You hear one of them say. “I know but we’ve got time to kill, and I want to buy some paintings as well.” The other replies
You watched both of them from the corner of you eye. They walk around looking at paintings. “Wow, that’s a lovely one.” You hear the black haired one, Zayn say. “Yeah it is” Liam replies somewhat dreamily. Zayn laughs like what Liam said is an inside joke “let’s go check it out.”
Zayn walks over with Liam behind him and introduces himself “Hi! I’m Zayn and this is my friend Liam” “that’s me!” ‘Wow’ you think to yourself ‘They are even more gorgeous up close’ “Hello!” You say out loud. “Yeah, I know who you are. My niece is a big fan. If it’s okay with you can you please sign this for her, her name is Michelle” you hand them a spare piece of paper and a pen. “Thank you” “No problem love” Zayn says in his thick British accent.
He talks to you for a few minutes asking about different pictures, while Liam just looks at you. “Thanks Jackie, I’ll just look around some more and I’m probably buying those two.” Zayn points at two of the paintings. “You sure know your art” you complement. “Hahaha yeah” he says an walks away. Liam however lingers “Can I help you Liam?” You ask politely. “Yeah. No. I’m just admiring your work” he says smiling. “Thanks!” “It’s just so… Colorful and pretty” he tries to make a smart comment. “Boy you really don’t know anything about art do you” you say. “No..not…not really” he stuttered. You both just laugh it off. “So um.. uhh.. Jackie I was wondering if you would maybe… I mean would you like to.. Doyouwannahavedinner?” He says really fast. “Sorry I didn’t catch that”
“Would you like to have dinner with me tonight?” He asks shyly. “Yeah! I’d love too. Pick me up at 8 from here.” You reply bitting you lip. “And your paintings are really nice” he leans in and gives you a kiss on your cheek.
“Mission accomplished, Captain?” Zayn asks coming out of no where. “Yup!” He replies happily. “C’mon Malik I gotta be back at 8! See you then Jackie” he kisses your cheek again making your heart flutter slightly. “See you soon Liam” you say grinning from ear to ear….

Hope you liked it
Feedback would be lovelyyy


Hey guys hows it going??

So we’ve been MIA for quite sometime now but we’re backkkk!!!

so go ahead and fill up our ask boxes!!!

We’ll do imagines and ships and outfits and everything
We’re even taking ideas for imagine!!

So just ask us!!! We’ll do it for all the boys and Josh Devine as well
We’ll do any idea!!

Just tell us you name, a little about yourself and who you want it to be with!! And you imagine will be up in a couple of days!!!

Much Love to alll <3 

Hello Again Tumblr World

so everyone we’re back again…. we haven’t posted in awhile coz we were in L.A. !!! 

That was incredible!!! 

Anyways we are once again taking in requests for imagines and one-shots of one direction. You can also ask for ships if you like (don’t forget the usual details). Aswell as outfits. And prefs. Pretty much everything ;)

Also you can submit ideas for imagines, fanfics, one-shots, prefs.

Much Love xox

corp5 asked:

If you go to my blog a picture of me is on my side bar! I'm meeting the boys June 19 and I don't know what to wear! I dont know whether to dress casual or more dressy!Also, could you ship me? :)

OHMYGOD!! You lucky thing!! So happy for you!!! So I think you shouldn’t wear something too casual or too formal… Go somewhere in the middle.. Like maybe coloured skinny jeans and a flowy-ish sleeveless top… or printed tights with a sort of loose top.. Wear small earrings and a long necklace.. If you have it, wear your 1D merch!!  if you need more advice about clothes then just inbox us!! :D

So we ship you with: 

Where you meet: 

Favourite couple picture:

Favourite picture of you two kissing

Your favourite picture of him:

His favourite picture of you:

(hahaha it’s actually you! and no it wasn’t accidental)

much love xxxx

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